Kids Martial Arts in Rocklin

Innovative Martial Arts in Rocklin, CA has been changing lives since 2011!

​We teach our students to pursue excellence in aspects of their life by encouraging and supporting our students and their families in their goals. We do this through high-quality martial arts training, physical fitness, lessons in life, and mentorship.

​Students emerge from our program changed for the better and our parents couldn't be more pleased!

Our program is the perfect combination of a team sport and an individual journey! Students will thrive in our supportive team environment all the while progressing at their own pace!


​Dear future parent of a martial artist,

​My name is Jake Nunneley, owner of Innovative Martial Arts in Rocklin. Parenting in today's environment is extremely challenging.

​"My child is a good kid, he just can't sit still and focus."

​"I wish my child would listen the first time!"

​"My child is very shy and reserved. He lacks the confidence and the self-esteem he needs to succeed."

"I want my child to learn discipline and respect."

​Do any of these sound familiar?

​I have seen a number of students and their families come into our academy for the exact same reasons. Martial Arts has the ability to engage your child mentally, physically, and emotionally. This will put your child in a peak state of learning. This combined with a supportive environment and physical fitness will give your child the tools they need to feel confident and make good choices. So, what are you waiting for? Try out our risk-free trial now!

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